Edging Hoops


Edging Hoops a lovely way to line a border, great for curved edges and less formal garden areas, holding plant back off lawns and paths. Made of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish (see below).

Available in 2 sizes:
Small hoops 40cm tall, 50cm wide (4mm wire)
Heavy hoops 56cm tall, 68cm wide (6mm wire)

Grande hoops 81cm tall, 84cm wide (5mm wire)

Also see our 'Edging Hurdles' for more formal straight edges and corners.

SHIPPING NOTE: We can send 2 x Small Edging hoop packs as a Small parcel, for Grande & Medium hoops Standard parcel charges apply. See the 'Shipping info' link for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: The Hoops may arrive silver (just made) or with a lighter rust finish, transforming to the full and lovely natural rust color in your garden over time. getting better and better with age!

Seen here photographed at the Kew Gardens, Wakehurst Place, Sussex.

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