Plant Crooks


Plant Crooks our single stem supports, the simple 'no-string' design allows you to just pop a needy stem into the scroll and it's secure. Praised as Rachel De Thames 'favorite find' at Gardeners World Live 2012. Fantastic for Alliums, Agapanthus and any single stem that is straying across a path. You can even use the Plant Crooks to train trailing rose stems horizontally across the border. Made of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish (see below).

Available in 3 sizes, sold in tied packs of 4
65cm Tall
85cm Tall

110cm tall

Also see our 'Swag Crooks' if you want something much taller.

SHIPPING NOTE: We can send up to 5 x Plant Crook packs in our 'Small parcel', for more than 5 packs 'Standard delivery' charges apply. See the 'Shipping info' link for prices & details.

PLEASE NOTE: The Crooks may arrive with a lighter rust finish, or silver (just made), transforming to the full and lovely natural rust color in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!

Seen here photographed in the National Trust Kitchen Gardens at Knightshayes Court, Devon. Over 200 Plant Belle supports are in use in National Trust Gardens in the UK.

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