Belle Tower


The 'Belle Tower' is our version of an obelisk, ideal for supporting both annual and perennial climbers. Made of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish, which gets better and better with age. (See note below). 

180cm tall, 37cm wide

PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand, Belle Towers are now being made to order, so may arrive 'just-made' silver in colour or with a light rust. They will transform to the natural rust finish in your garden over time.

SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the oversize dimensions of the Belle Towers, we can only ship this item with the Parcelforce 'Large' service. We can send up to 2 x Belle Towers in one 'Large' parcel. See shipping info for delivery info & charges. Also available by collection & at garden shows. Contact us.

Seen here photographed in Winter at Plant Belles HQ, crusted in frost. As seen on BBC's 'The Great Garden Revival' with Joe Swift.

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