Edging Hurdles


Edging Hurdles our straight grow-through frame, a great way to hold up your plants along paths and border edges. Also a lovely way to create instant shapes and corners in a formal garden design. Made of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish (see note below).

Available in 2 sizes and in various quantities:
Small Edging Hurdle 50cm tall, 80cm wide
Grande Edging Hurdle 62cm tall, 100cm wide

(height listed is from the top bar, down to the bottom of the leg)

Also see our 'Edging Hoops' for a less formal and curvy edging.

PLEASE NOTE: Made to order after Chelsea Flower Show (expect small additional delay). Arriving silver in colour, transforming to the full and lovely natural rust color in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!!

SHIPPING NOTE: Hurdles are a difficult shape/size to deliver, so need to travel alone, or with their own kind, as a 'Standard parcel'. For optimum delivery value, we have bundled together various Hurdle packs which can be sent as one Standard Parcel. See the 'Shipping info' link for more delivery details.

Seen here photographed in the National Trust Kitchen Gardens at Knightshayes Court, Devon. Over 200 Plant Belle supports are in use in National Trust Gardens in the UK.

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